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The UK's First & ONLY Recognised School Nutrition Specialist Qualifciation 

Online School Nutrition Supervisor Qualification

Qualify as a School Nutrition Supervisor, learn all the skills you need to ensure your school is fully prepared to become NourishED School, prioritising and recognising nutrition and food is embedded in your school., 

The Food Person.

The Nutrition and food world is complicated, and often there are a number of colleagues in school who pull in opposite directions, from the school cook, the PSHE lead, the PE lead to the colleague who just goes to the gym - often the lack of responsibility creates inconsistency with regard to who is responsible.  

This qualification ensures that ONE QUALIFIED colleague in your school is fully empowered to make decisions about all things food and nutrition. 

What is NourishED

NourishED is a child-centred inspirational recognised school nutrition programme that offers the opportunity to prioritise nutrition and food education in your schools.

This term-long course is designed to qualify the trainees to become a School Nutrition Expert, able to WHAT???? So that the school is recognised as a NourishED School.
Generally, the course is approximately 20 hours long.

How it works? 

Your chosne coolleague with a passion to learn all things about nutrition and food will go through this recnogised qualification at their own pace, having access to a range of policies, tools, checklists and ongoing support, prior to being able to qualify as a school nutrition specialist, ensuring your school is a NourishED school. 

School Nutrition Specialist Qualifcation

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