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School Health UK

Nursery Approved Menu Kite-mark

Your New Approved Menus...

As outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework, Nursery settings must ensure meals, snacks and drinks provided are healthy, balanced and nutritious. 

Our comprehensive menu review ensures your setting is meeting the EYFS requirements and provides your community with the confidence the foods you are serving are well within guidelines.

Using years of experience, we have carefully compiled criteria established by our expert nutritionists to reflect and improve upon the current Government dietary recommendations for infants and children aged 6 months to 4 years.

With our support, you can be confident that your menus are not only healthy, balanced and nutritious, but also tasty, exciting and enjoyable for your children! 

To apply for a limited place, please fill in the below!

Menus Review and Approved

On completion of our SIMPLE consultation pack (once selected via application form), our Registered Nutritionists will comprehensively review your current menus. 

We'll then send you your personalised information pack including:

  • Updated compliant and seasonal menus to reflect eating habits appropriate for the time of year)

  • A report that outlines our menu guidelines for Early Years Settings with overall comments and actions to take

  • Details and clear information on portion sizes and special dietary requirements

  • Recommendations and tips regarding menu design and feasibility 

  • Information and support for communicating your menus to staff and parent

  • You'll then receive our OFFICIAL Registered ‘School Health UK Approved Nursery Kite-mark™ to use on your nursery menus, in your setting and across your website, to reflect your compliance and achievement.

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Heather - Nursery Manager (Polkadots)

Our parents are now confident that the food we're serving children is approved by Nutritionists!

Lets Sort Lunchtimes... 

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Nursery Menu Checking with Kite- Mark

Please use the contact form below, we'll then send you a consultation pack and produce your report within 14 days. An invoice will be sent with your final report!

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