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School Lunchtime - YOUR 1* Restaurant.

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and had the worst time? Dirty tables, service slow, food cold, wait times too long, loud, feeling rushed? For you to vow NEVER to return? What if I said to you, you have to eat in that restaurant every day for the next five years?

That’s exactly what pupils are going through in your school.

Despite leaders recognising this, knowing that it is likely impacting pupils' own feelings of anxiety, very little priority is often added to improving and addressing lunchtimes.

Simple and very achievable components of that hour in the middle of the school day can have a positive impact not just on pupils experiences but also to the whole of your school's community.

Below we outline some of the most achievable aspects of your school lunchtime that will have a positive impact on lunchtimes and improve your resultant from 1* to 5*


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