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For those who are family...

Things change.

As a token of our gratitude for working with us, we prioritise schools that have ever had us visit them with any of our packages, offering you the most up-to-date information and delightful discounts on ALL of our services.

You're part of our extended family, and we're here to support you every step of the way!

Our Ongoing Commitment...

Every day since 2016, we have proactively enhanced and improved school lunchtimes across the UK with our Better Lunchtimes Mark, and in the process have learned and refined processes along the way.

We recognise that with ongoing staff turnovers, transitions and evolving school days, old habits at lunchtime can often resurface, which is why our REFESH programme not only ensures that any NEW staff can be trained and understand how and why to establish the principles of a Better Lunchtime to enhance their role, but existing staff are REFRESHED how to embed the Better Lunchtimes Mark in your school!

Furthermore, to say thanks and to ensure you have EVERYTHING needed, our constantly updated resource packs and training programmes are now accessible to you at no cost!

We want your team to grasp the core principles of a Better Lunchtime and embed them for long-lasting success.


Complete the booking form below to schedule a REFRESH observation at your school. We will review your lunchtime with a fresh perspective addressing key concerns and pain points.

After our visit and observation:

✅  We’ll meet with SLT to set out achievable actions with your team with no stone unturned!

✅  We'll map out and schedule your entire lunchtime (including staff timetables!).

✅  A concise and impactful REFRESH report with updated plans will be provided.

✅  We'll create a customised PowerPoint presentation based on the updated action plans for your team.

✅  You'll receive a resource pack packed with 2024 policies and handbooks in line with Ofsted's 2023 Common Inspection Framework update.

And that's not all!

✅  You'll receive five free spots for our Lunch Supervisor Training.

Cost Breakdown.

Unlock the full value of our Refresh package:

Benefit from five FREE training places (valued at £375).

Receive an in-school visit from our consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of lunchtimes (valued at £875).

Gain a tailored and updated Refresh report (valued at £550).

Enjoy a 2024 Bumper Pack of updated resources (valued at £250)

Total Value: £2,050

All of this is available to you at the exclusive cost of just £675 for the REFRESH package.

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