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Paul, our Operations Director spoke about something over the summer in a staff meeting.

He spoke about the wisdom of a Headteacher he worked with in 2015 whom he's still in touch with - Yvonne.

Yvonne spent 50 years in teaching, before working up the leadership ladder, becoming a very successful Headteacher, taking pride in revitalising schools, before finally becoming an improvement officer and then retiring in 2019. "Yvonne is just one of those people who knows things. If you need advice or a perspective on anything... she'll offer it"

SO... Last summer, he asked as we went into the New Academic Year, if she offer us 23 pieces of advice for leaders in school... Below is the outcome... hopefully you can take some inspo from this list... we did:

  1. Begin each day with enthusiasm, as it sets the tone for your school's journey.

  2. Listen attentively to your team, for their insights fuel your leadership's potency.

  3. Embrace challenges as opportunities to shape a resilient and vibrant school community.

  4. Cultivate kindness as the cornerstone of your interactions, fostering a nurturing atmosphere.

  5. Prioritize personal growth, leading by example to inspire your staff's continuous development.

  6. Value your solitude, as reflective moments guide your strategic decisions.

  7. Cherish relationships, understanding they are the pillars of a harmonious school environment.

  8. Commit to lifelong learning, ensuring your leadership stays aligned with educational progress.

  9. Lead with empathy, recognizing the diverse needs of both staff and students.

  10. Adapt to change as an innovator, steering your school towards a progressive future.

  11. Express gratitude openly, fostering a culture of appreciation within your institution.

  12. Prioritize your well-being, as a healthy leader uplifts the entire school community.

  13. Celebrate simplicity, finding joy in the core mission of educating young minds.

  14. Cultivate patience, knowing that transformation takes time and dedication.

  15. Relish every moment, as your presence shapes the memories etched in your school's history.

  16. Dream boldly for your school's growth, as visionary leaders sculpt remarkable outcomes.

  17. Uphold honesty as a guiding principle, setting the moral compass for your institution.

  18. Embrace failures as opportunities for valuable lessons and progress.

  19. Stand present in each interaction, savouring the meaningful connections you foster.

  20. View adversity as a mentor, moulding your leadership's strength and resilience.

  21. Radiate positivity, for your optimism, influences the school's culture and atmosphere.

  22. Leave a legacy of excellence, compassion, and academic progress that outshines your tenure.

  23. Envision your school's future with compassion and wisdom, ensuring a lasting impact.

Hopefully, this gives you a little boost going into next year!


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