Midday Supervisor Workshops

We believe that you can't train staff without seeing them at work first.

This is why our Better Lunchtimes Mark Staff Workshops commence on the same day as your Better Lunchtimes Audit, to ensure we can customise training around your school.


The Better Lunchtimes Workshop

Our Training is Successfully Implemented on the same day as your Better Lunchtimes Audit in four steps.

Step One The Observation

Identifying where you are at

We conduct our Better Lunchtimes Mark Audit to see the staff at work and understand the components of your lunchtime


Step Two - Identifying the Barriers

A Staff Lead Approach

We'll spend time, after lunch, listening to and working through the current barriers your lunch team are facing.

This ensures the team can collectively discuss challenges, prior to working with us to resolve them.


Step Three - Workshopping a Better Lunchtime

A Whole School Approach

Having already established a plan with Senior Leaders following the Better Lunchtimes Mark Audit, we'll workshop the future of your lunchtimes, ensuring the team are confident and empowered and confident to take lunchtimes forward.

We'll spend time practically going through each component so the whole team are clear in their roles and expectations.


Step Four - Support

A Better Lunchtime

Your lunch team will be handed resources that will support their roles, to ensure when you receive your Better Lunchtimes report, everyone is on the same page and your whole school can take lunchtimes forward.


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