Midday Supervisor Training 

With one visit we'll improve your lunchtime & empower your staff.

We believe it's no good 'training' your lunch team without seeing them at work. That's why, using our Better Lunchtimes Mark, we'll observe & support your team to make improvements to every single aspect of your lunch period (inside and out) so your lunch staff feel confident and empowered in their roles. 

Step One - The Observation

Observing your team at work

We'll review the whole of your lunch period so we can not only observe the dynamics of your lunch team, but we'll ensure we've built a complete picture of how your lunchtime runs, so we can make suggestions in embedding and improving every component.

Step Two - On the spot feed back

We'll debrief you our findings.

We'll debrief you & your team based on what we've explored during lunchtime, ensuring that everyone is on the same page to make changes. We'll shape our training based on our observations and make a plan going forward, so everyone is on the same page.

Step Three - Training 

Our training is customised around your school...

You won't see us hand out 'cookie-cutter' activity cards that will never be used! This training is personalised around your lunchtime and the lunch team at your school. We ensure that your team have a forum to discuss ways to progress the lunchtime as a team; supported by us. We work with your team to ensure that any issues arise are resolved by the end of the training session!


How does it work?

The Better Lunchtimes 360° training encompasses four key components to ensure that every aspect of the lunch period is the best that it possibly can be



Step One:  The Briefing

On the day of our visit, we’ll have a half-hour discussion with you and any of your senior leaders, as you highlight to us the specific areas you are ‘less than thrilled’ with and tell us the areas you’d like us to specifically explore – offering us a brief synopsis of how lunchtimes are currently operating whilst giving us chance to explore your initial thoughts/ expectations of what a lunchtime should look like.


Step Two: The Observation

We believe it’s no good commenting on the effectiveness of your lunch team if we haven’t seen them in practice!

Following our briefing with you, we’ll observe the whole of the lunch service, ensuring we have observed every single part of it, using our Safer Lunchtimes & Better Lunchtimes Mark templates, including:

- The efficiency of the service (timings and movement)

- The layout, atmosphere and experience (including noise/queues) for pupils in the dining space

- Staff interaction and the overall running of service

- Zoning and the running of the playground

- Dealing with incidents (behaviour and first aid)

- Executing the end of lunchtime 

We’ll also talk with pupils both indoors and outside to hear their perspective of lunchtime, before debriefing you with findings.


Step Three: The debrief & your report

Once we’ve observed the running of lunchtime, we’ll swiftly debrief you with our findings.

You will then get a written evaluation report with the plans discussed to improve lunchtime, including mapping, resources, timetabling and every else you and your team could possibly need to improve and address lunchtimes.


Step Four: The Training

(Commencing either on the same day or a month following initial visit)

We’ll return to your school a month later to support the lunch team with embedding changes - prior to hosting a customised, proactive and tailored training session, with an aim to ensure that your team are confident and understanding of the progress to be made to lunchtime.

The training will consist of the following areas:

How Are Lunchtimes?

Your Perspective

We'll start by asking your lunch team how they think lunchtimes are at school. We'll listen to their concerns, explore barriers and comment on what we observed, whilst talking through how lunchtimes can look going forward.

A Review Of Your Lunch Service

A view to the future

We'll then outline what we have observed and go through plans going forward. We'll offer direct feedback on how we can make simple changes that will enhance the whole experience for both staff and pupils.

Refining The Layout Of The Dining Space

Next we'll break down with your team how they can ensure that the layout of the lunch space is complimenting the lunch service, including movement around the dining space, the layout of tables and how to manage pupils in the most effective manner.

Improving The Indoor Experience

Mapping & Zoning Of The Playground

Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Regardless of the space you have available, we'll show the team how to make the most of it. We'll demonstrate how you can fit staff to the correct zones and how to reduce incidents outside. We'll outline key reasons why incidents are higher on the playground and show staff how to engage with pupils most effectively.

Solutions To Common Problems

We put it all out on the table and discuss common problems and barriers that your lunch team face to ensure they feel confident with the next steps to improving your lunchtime.

Ask The Expert



Following the training, a report with actions, mapping, a staff matrix and resources will be distributed to senior leaders and the lunch team to highlight what was explored during the observation. This will equip everyone involved with all the tools they need to ensure they can make progress and implement a much Better Lunchtime.

Colleagues will have access to three months of support and any additional resources to ensure they are confident in embedding a change that is permanent. 


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