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School Health UK has completely transformed lunchtimes in hundreds of primary schools across the United Kingdom, by shaping the way in which lunchtimes contribute to school health since December 2016.

Our lunchtime programmes are unrivalled with no other organisation having proven results year on year in improving key statistics relating to children’s health and wellbeing at lunchtime. 

See our five years of data here

Our successes have been recognised by both local and national media, and we are key stakeholders in Parliamentary Party Groups on both school health and obesity, regularly contributing to key Public Health consultations.

We passionately believe that the school lunchtime is the final piece of the jigsaw in terms of children’s learning and development in school, and we have seen first-hand how a ‘Better Lunchtime’ can positively impact the whole of the school day. 

School Kids

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote sustained health and wellbeing in pupils across the country by providing children with the healthiest and most nutritious lunch experience in every single primary school.


Our Values

Healthy Food

Every child has the right to enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

A Positive Environment

Every child has the right to a calm, positive and supportive lunchtime environment which encourages social development and positive behaviours.

Growth & Development

Every child has the right to explore, develop, and grow at lunchtime.


Our Core Team


Paul Evans

Operations Director

Having worked with schools across the UK for over a decade in roles ranging from a teacher to a nutrition consultant with Public Health England - Paul now has 10+ years of experience in the Education and Health sector.

With experience working together with hundreds of Headteachers and being a school Governor himself - Paul knows the challenges schools face on a daily basis and, with this, has enabled a school lead approach at the core of every visit made each day as part of our lunchtime programmes

Having been recognised for efforts in the realms of Childhood obesity; he continues to contribute toward the ever-growing and confronting sector in public health for both local and national media.

Paul, the Vice Chairman for the British Obesity Society has taught, led and contributed on obesity and health projects and worked with over 300 education institutions on a consultancy basis for nearly a decade - demonstrating not only a wealth of knowledge and experience but the ability to successfully implement innovative changes in the sphere of obesity improvement that has seen a dramatic progression at a national level.

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