"Everyone is now eating together, children enjoy sitting with their friends, we have a greater take-up of school meals and reduced playtime accidents. This is an excellent model to take a fresh look at lunchtime. Paul brought his expertise and helped us to realise our vision at the busiest time of the day

Richard Taylor CoE Primary - October 2021


The Better Lunchtimes Mark

Our Hugely Successful Programme

Our Better Lunchtimes Programme has been designed to save you and your school team time in trying to figure out how to improve the school lunchtime!

We've improved hundreds of school lunchtimes across the country and in doing so, have enabled children (and staff!) to be their calmest, happiest and most proactive selves during healthy and efficient lunchtimes.

In visiting your school, just once, and reviewing both the inside systems and how your playgrounds are running, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your lunchtimes have been fully reviewed prior to mapping out actions and improvements for a much better lunchtime!

You can add our MDS training to enter of our BLM programmes!

School Kids

What to expect from the Better Lunchtimes Mark programme:


We'll Listen to your concerns 

First, we listen to your concerns & focus on the key areas you have highlighted.

Observing your lunchtime

We'll then evaluate each and every component of lunchtime, ensuring we have absorbed the whole experience.

The Debrief & Report

We'll then debrief you with our findings prior to collating a comprehensive report with action plans and resources, prior to supporting you with developments.

Supporting the change

Once you've received our comprehensive report, with tried and tested actions and resources, we'll return to your school to support your team hands-on in embedding the change. We're experts at what we do, and there are rarely issues we haven't resolved with our decades of experience!

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Training your team

We believe that your lunch team should feel empowered to 'take control' of lunchtime and our MDS training ensures that everyone is on the same page. Using our principles of a Better Lunchtime, we'll sit with your team to discuss with them at a personal level, how their roles can be optimised going forward - ensuring they take a hands-on and practical approach to developing the lunchtime going forward, so the changes are permanent. 

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The Better Lunchtimes Mark 

Dependent on the level of support you're after - we offer two options for schools. The Silver & The Gold (MDS training can be added to either)

⚠️  NEW FOR 2021/2022: 

Our Better Lunchtimes Mark now includes our esteemed Safer Lunchtimes Kitemark - so you can demonstrate to
your school's community that despite Covid-19 (slowly) exiting our lives, you are still exercising caution around lunchtime.

See below for a breakdown of the options available to you 



One School Visit

With our Silver Option, a member of the SHUK team will visit your school to observe every part of your lunchtime and complete an audit, prior to compiling all of the reviewed information into a written report with mapping, actions and resources.

No stone will be left unturned as we review all aspects of your lunchtime, including (but not limited to):  the running of the dining space, noise levels inside, the movement for pupils, staff roles and interaction, pupil's overall experience, the outdoor provision, zoning of the playgrounds, healthy eating/ catering and food choices, we'll speak with pupils and staff, observe the roles of your team and absorb the whole atmosphere. 

Upon completing our lunchtime audit, we will have a debrief with you/ your senior leadership team – providing verbal feedback - discussing key actions that can be implemented at your school based on the observations made; we’ll map out the suggested improvements going forward, prior to, finally, collating all of the information into your Better Lunchtimes Mark Report (that you can expect to receive within 10 days of the visit).

The Better Lunchtimes Mark Report will be provided alongside the most up-to-date and relevant resources (policies/ pack lunch guide - all to ‘use as your own), action plans, mapping of the playground, a systematic review of your dining space and feedback made in relation to our Safer Lunchtimes Mark criteria. 

You’ll also be provided with a checklist to enable you and your lunch team to independently implement changes and make the most of your lunchtimes going forward.

Once you've informed us you have completed the actions on your checklist you'll be sent a 'Safer Lunchtimes and A Better Lunchtimes' Kite-mark that you can proudly display physically and on your school's website/ newsletters!

(MDS Training can be added on the same day - bookings are limited)



Two School Visits

Our Gold programme builds upon the Silver option, offering your team support in implementing the actions provided on your report.

The second visit to your school enables us to work closely with the lunch team, supporting and leading them on embedding the changes since our initial visit and you receiving your report. 

On arriving for the second visit, we’ll have a conversation with you and your team to discuss the recent changes,
prior to taking a hands-on approach at lunchtime to support and implement any aspects of the plan that haven't yet been embedded. 

This proactive approach ensures we can demonstrate practices in your school and answer any questions or barriers relating to suggested changes on your report, leaving your lunch team confident and clear in their roles – empowering them to establish a much Better Lunchtime.

Adding the MDS training to this option can offer a valuable extra, to ensure staff are fully empowered to take control of the lunch provision in using the principles taught to take lunchtimes forward in the most complete manner. 

Once a Better Lunchtime is successfully embedded at your school, we'll award you with our Safer & Better Lunchtimes Kite Mark. 

(MDS Training can be added on the same day - bookings are limited)

'We bring together decades of experience to ensure that your school has everything you need for a Better & a Safer Lunchtime'


The Components of a Better Lunchtime:


A calm, smoother running lunch service 

Pupils & Staff enjoy lunchtime

Organised, active & well zoned playgrounds

Confident, happier, trained & motivated staff

Healthier, more nutritious lunch boxes

Increased take up of healthy school meals

Calm & happy pupils

A whole school approach to health

Pupil bubbles well implemented

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What others have said! 


"Our Lunchtimes are so much better now. Children are enjoying sitting in a calm lunch hall and the playgrounds are organised!"

Oaklands Primary

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“The biggest change we have seen at lunchtimes is through the feedback from pupils and parents. They tell us that they now love lunchtimes, the opportunity to have responsibility through being a Lunchtime Monitor and the family dining experience in the hall. Parents tell us that their children talk enthusiastically about lunchtimes and some children who had never tried the school lunch option before are now regularly eating school dinners. It has involved a lot of work but the whole experience has been a huge success.”

Freegrounds Infant School


“Brilliant use of money which has transformed how we work in a very tangible way and all our children have benefited and the staff are so proud of what they have achieved together. I love showing people what we’ve done!”

Hanley St lukes