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ASDA Giving Mixed messages?

Recent news of Asda offering £1 meals for children during the school holidays is fantastic and welcome in the current crisis where the cost of living has been seen to have increased 15% in the past 12 months.

But, the mixed messages including Asda being one of many supermarkets who within just three years of committing to 'healthy checkouts' reverted back to 'old ways' as I discussed in 2019 leaves a lot to be desired.

And it could be questioned where their priorities lie if this photo is anything to go by. 🤦‍♂️​

This was taken recently in the Midlands, and a week later having visited an Asda 200 miles away, it’s clear this isn’t an “error”. 🙄​

The challenges for parents to try and offer their children ‘well balanced and healthy food options for children that is within budget is hard at the best of times, but with Asda paying absolutely NO REGARD for making the ‘Healthier choice the easy choice’ as evidence here, is just contributing to the issue.​

We published our 2022 Packed lunches vs School Meal guidance, which once again draws attention to the fact that (more than ever) School meals are not only healthier but are far cheaper (by 105%) than a packed lunch using the same guidance.

The issue is, that there are PLENTY of parents who, despite being eligible for ‘free school meals’ and possibly not really being able to afford a school meal, are feeling pressure from their children, probably because of being able to eat foods like these consistently. ​

We do our bit by ‘removing the bias for packed lunches in school, ensuring that those children who are choosing a packed lunch because ‘they can eat as quickly as possible and go outside’ are more likely to consume a school meal.​

In terms of the consistent poor packed lunch options that we see day in and day out:​

Is it the school's responsibility to tackle this? ​

We don’t think so, they have enough to worry about.​ ❌

Should big supermarkets make MUCH MORE of a conscious effort to STOP making these foods so accessible and encourage them to be bought for packed lunches?​

Absolutely. ​ ✅

Should big supermarkets make the ‘Healthier choice, the easier choice’ for parents?​

Absolutely.​ ✅

Will they? ​

Probably not. ​ ❌

Will we support them if they want to do better?​

Without a question.​ ✅

Asda, send us a message:

We’ll show you what needs to be done. ​

Stop ’appearing to’ put profit above health.​

It’s simple.​


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