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Fruity Pancakes Healthy Recipe for Children

Looking for a fun and healthy lunch option for the kids? These fabulous and healthy pancakes have got you covered!

Prep time: 15 minutes⁠

Cook time: 30 minutes⁠

Total time: 45 minutes⁠

Servings: 10⁠


50g self-raising flour⁠

50g wholegrain or wholemeal flour⁠

2 eggs, separated⁠

150ml skimmed milk⁠

Low-fat yogurt, berries or fromage frais to serve⁠


1. Put the flour into a bowl, then add in a splash of milk and the egg yolks. Stir until it mixture thickens into a paste. While stirring, add the rest of the milk.⁠

2. Add in the egg whites and whisk until it forms stiff peaks, then pour into the batter. Place a pan over medium heat.⁠

3. Pour enough batter and cook for one minute, then flip the pancake. Cook for one more minute. Remove the cooked pancake and repeat for the rest of the batter until used up.⁠

4. Top with your favourite fruit and serve!


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