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How school meals can help kids meet their 5-a-day 👀

The 5-a-day campaign is based on evidence from the World Health Organisation, which recommends consuming a minimum of 400g of fruits and vegetables per day in order to lower the risk of serious health issues.

Everyone has heard of the 5-a-day campaign, but how many of us are actually meeting this recommendation?

It may surprise you to learn that only 18% of school-aged children in the UK actually meet their 5-a-day target, averaging only 3 portions per day!

How can school meals help?

The majority of children’s packed lunches are lacking in fruit and vegetables, with only 20% packed lunches containing any vegetables at all, and 40% containing no fruit or veg.

On the other hand, the School Food Standards mean that school meals must offer:

  • One or more portions of vegetables or salad as an accompaniment every day

  • One or more portions of fruit per day

  • A dessert containing at least 50% fruit 2 or more times each week

  • At least 3 different fruits and 3 different vegetables each week

Therefore, by allowing your child to have school meals, you’re ensuring they are getting at least 2 or more portions of fruit and veg per day, as well as a variety of fruit and veg across the week. Therefore, there’s only a few more portions to make up for at home!


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