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Trust Us...Using Pupils is ESSENTIAL at Lunchtime!

We call them 'BISTRO BUDDIES' and using them during lunchtime, giving them responsible jobs that are NEEDED, is an absolute no brainer. It also helps to build routine, discipline & life long skills.

Bistro Buddies can be utilised to help the running of service. Being present during the sittings to assist staff with roles such as cleaning and clearing, pouring water, scraping waste, transporting lunchboxes, replenishing cutlery etc and also supporting the cleaning in between sittings (clearing up after their sitting has eaten) has proven to be SO effective!

We have revisited schools where they have implemented Bistro Buddies and it's amazing to see the pupils taking on the roles, and really getting stuck in. Lack of staff in some schools means that lunchtimes wouldn't have been able to run without them!

Bistro Buddies can be recognised with aprons, lanyards, or similar to build the desirability of the role amongst over pupils 👑 ⁣

We find this to not only be an invaluable asset to lunchtimes for pupil relationships but also is a great help for staff also! ⁣

Win win! ✅ ⁣

You probably already know who your future Bistro Buddies are!


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