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Why a Better Lunchtime Makes Financial Sense

Investing in a Better school lunchtime isn't just good for the pupil's well-being; it's a sound financial decision. Most schools we visited are spending hours of resources dealing with a poorly organised and sometimes chaotic lunchtime, with both senior leaders AND additional staff being recruited to support the running of a lunchtime. Despite this, schools tell us that behaviour is at its ‘worst’ during the lunch period.

In addition, schools report to us that their lunch staff are often ‘uninspired’ and ‘less engaged’ than leaders would expect, resulting in either additional staff or external sports coaches running activities at lunchtime to accommodate.

By organising a lunchtime that is consistent for the whole school (from senior leaders, teaching staff and pupils), where everyone knows the timings of lunch, what activities are available for pupils and who pupils are sat with, the potential for anxiety is reduced. In addition, by allocating the correct personalities around skill sets to the most appropriate roles amongst the lunchtime workforce, schools find that it is much more likely LESS staff is more effective (how often do staff end up standing together at lunchtimes!).

80% of the schools we go into have too many staff, or staff allocated in the wrong areas, or, often, staff being required to shepherd pupils from A to B. Just by sorting out these vital components, schools will find benefits both for your pupil's health and wellbeing and your school's financial stability.


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