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Why Should School Meals be Encouraged?

School meal at lunchtime can provide so many benefits for children. Here's a few listed below:

✅ Improve the diets of children:

Meals in schools are based on national school food standards that every school must follow. You can be confident that the meals provided at lunch time are healthy, balanced and nutritious.

✅Free for 4-7 year olds:

There's still a number of children missing out on free school meals, even though they are free for children in reception, year 1 and 2 in England, regardless of household income.

✅Tasty, varied and enjoyable:

A lot of care and time goes into ensuring there are enough options for school children, so they can choose a meal that takes their fancy!

✅Decrease health inequalities:

For almost a third of children, school lunch is their main meal of the day. It is estimated that, by providing free school meals, 140,000 children have

been lifted out of poverty.

✅Educational benefits:

Research shows that a healthy, nutritious meal at lunchtime can improve concentration during afternoon lessons and has a positive effect on pupils' behaviour.


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