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At School Health UK we, like you, are more than aware that in school, lunchtimes are, sometimes, the most tricky part of the school day, often leaving you with more things to deal with at the end of it than for the whole day!

We also know that you, like us, passionately believe every child deserves to have a lunchtime experience that offers the opportunity for children to grow in terms of their social, mental and physical health. 

Since 2016, using our tried and tested methods of change - we have supported hundreds of schools across the country to improve every single aspect of their lunch provision. 

Using our proven systems, that countless headteachers have adopted to embed their best lunchtime; we visit and observe every single component of your lunchtime, before mapping out successful changes that are easy to adopt - supporting your staff team in the process.

We save you hours of your own time every day by showing you exactly how to make lunchtimes run more efficiently. Each year, we also save Bursars and Business Managers thousands of pounds in staff costs as we empower and optimise the running of the lunch supervisor team whilst reducing behaviour and first aid incidents by refining the systems currently in place. 

Let us show you how you can get your lunchtimes back!


Are lunchtimes not as calm as you’d like?

Do you know they can be better, but can't work out how?

Have you considered wasting thousands on ‘noise dampeners’ or extra middays as a last resort to try and improve things?

Perhaps you just want an expert pair of eyes, who do this day in and day out, to show you how to improve things.

With one visit, we’ll come and show you how to improve everything to ensure that lunchtime is the best it can be.


Without a confident lunch team, it can be difficult to make successful changes to the lunch provision.

With our training package - which is like no other, we’ll take the reigns in empowering your lunch team so they have everything they need to implement a successful service! 

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Join THOUSANDS of school leaders who use our FREE up to date school health resources every single day.


The end of Covid-19 may or may not be in sight, but by demonstrating a Safer Lunchtime, you show your school community that lunchtime in your school is the safest it possibly can be.

Together with our trademark Better Lunchtimes Mark and our Covid-19 Guidance that had over 7000 downloads, we ensure that you can implement a lunchtime that is calm & organised whilst considering the latest (and confusing) government guidance!


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