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At School Health UK we believe every child deserves to have a lunchtime experience that offers the opportunity for children to grow in terms of their social, mental and physical health. 

We support hundreds of schools every year to implement a lunchtime experience that runs
 in a manner that enables a calm, efficient and timely manner.

Every lunchtime and every school are unique, but there are common areas of the school lunch period that are often overlooked, and by simply addressing these areas we can directly achieve significant improvements to children’s experiences and positively influence healthy habits and social skills. 

We save senior leaders hours of their own time every day by showing them exactly how to make their lunchtimes run more efficiently. We save schools thousands of pounds in staff costs as we empower and optimise the running of the lunch supervisor team and reduce behaviour and first aid incidents by refining the systems currently in place.

Let your lunchtime become our problem to solve.


Spending your lunchtimes firefighting? Lunchtimes not as calm & organised as you'd like? Are pupil bubbles causing an added layer of complexity? With just one visit we'll improve each and every component to ensure that lunchtime is the best it can be.


Our Training Package offers a complete 360° view of improving your lunchtime, leaving the lunch team confident and clear in their roles.

Our training ensures that we have not only observed your lunch team in action, but in addressing and improving the whole service - we’ll support your team to take control of improvements and feel confident in their roles. Leaving senior leaders to enjoy their lunchtime! 


Demonstrating a Safer Lunchtime, we've brought together our trademark Better Lunchtimes Mark, with our Covid-19 Guidance that had over 7000 downloads, to ensure that schools can implement a lunchtime that is calm & organised whilst considering the latest (and confusing) government guidance!

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