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Whether the, Better Lunchtimes Kite Mark & The UK's Most Impactful Lunchtime Supervisor Training for UK Primary Schools, we use the same template to consistently improve lunchtimes in all of our schools.


1. The Visit & Observation

On the day of our visit, following a brief chat with you, we observe every single component of your lunchtime, to ensure we build a 'real and full picture' of how they currently run - worts and all!

2. Improvements to Lunchtime

On the same day, following our observation, we'll outline to you clear and achievable actions that will improve every single aspect of the lunchtime you are unhappy with.

We'll show you how to allocate your staff in the most impactful way, how to optimise the movement through school, calm the dining space and organise the playground so incidents are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our Midday Supervisor Training  happens on the same day as our observation, following the debrief with you - to emphasise a Whole School Approach.

3. Your Report

Everything discussed goes into a comprehensive and clear report - complete with maps, actions, diagrams and resources.

The report is clear and concise, written in a way that offers you the opportunity to share with Governors. Once you have embedded your Better Lunchtime, you can also use this and your 'reaudit' report to measure progress.

4. Your Kitemark 

You'll have the option for us to revisit your school and support the lunch team with any changes a month later.

We'll show you how to make the most of your new lunchtime, taking it from better to best.

We'll set some final and brief action points, prior to issuing you with your official Better Lunchtimes Kitemark, so you can demonstrate that you have prioritised the health and wellbeing of your pupils and improved the most unstructured but important part of the school day. 

UK Leaders in School Lunchtime Improvement.

We've shown hundreds of schools how to take the most unstructured part of the school day to be one of the most pleasant, calm and organised times - prioritising the health and wellbeing of the whole school community. 

With one visit.


Learn how by tackling lunchtimes like hundreds of other schools, you can not only improve the health and wellbeing of your WHOLE SCHOOL but will, potentially save hours to your school day and thousands in staff costs.

We know how unstructured lunchtimes can be, with senior leaders spending hours resolving problems in and around lunchtimes, that we believe can be easily prevented!

Our Better Lunchtimes Mark, not only ensures your lunch period is much calmer, organised and efficient but, ensures your lunch team are empowered to take control and run everything about lunchtime, giving you your lunchtime back!

In visiting your school and casting our expert eye over how the whole of your lunchtime is currently running (both inside and out), we leave no stone unturned in ensuring every single component has been reviewed, ready to support achievable actions that will ensure of a much Better Lunchtime!


Without a confident lunch team, it can be difficult to make successful changes to the lunch provision.

With our workshop package - which is like no other, we’ll take the reigns in empowering your lunch team so they have everything they need to implement a successful service! 

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*NEW FOR 2022* 

We're FINALLY able to offer an OFFICIAL menu checking service with our Nursery Menu Checking Approved Kite-Mark


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