What Schools Have Recently Said

We're really proud of what schools have achieved as part of our Better Lunchtimes Mark & our Midday Supervisor workshops and want to share some recent feedback!

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Richard Taylor Academy Primary 

Emma - Acting Headteacher

"Everyone is now eating together, children enjoy sitting with their friends, we have a greater take-up of school meals and reduced playtime accidents. This is an excellent model to take a fresh look at lunchtime. School Health UK brought their expertise and helped us to realise our vision at the busiest time of the day"

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Oaklands Primary

Kate - Deputy Head

"Our Lunchtimes are so much better now. Children are enjoying sitting in a calm lunch hall and the playgrounds are organised!"

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Freegrounds Infant School

Nikki - Headteacher

“The biggest change we have seen at lunchtimes is through the feedback from pupils and parents. They tell us that they now love lunchtimes, the opportunity to have responsibility through being a Lunchtime Monitor and the family dining experience in the hall. Parents tell us that their children talk enthusiastically about lunchtimes and some children who had never tried the school lunch option before are now regularly eating school dinners. It has involved a lot of work but the whole experience has been a huge success.”

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Hanley St Lukes

Lynne - Headteacher

Brilliant use of money which has transformed how we work in a very tangible way and all our children have benefited and the staff are so proud of what they have achieved together. I love showing people what we’ve done!”


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