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Using The Sports Premium to IMPROVE Lunchtimes

Improving the lunchtime atmosphere and encouraging healthy eating cultures in schools are two important objectives that can be achieved with the strategic use of Sports Premium funding. The Department for Education (DfE) in the UK highlights that Sports Premium funding is intended to make sustainable improvements to the quality of physical education and sport in primary schools. This can include providing staff with professional development, resources, and training to help foster a positive, active environment at lunchtimes. For example, St. Mary's Primary School in Manchester utilised a portion of their Sports Premium funding to train midday meal supervisors to lead non-competitive games and activities. This initiative not only increased physical activity but also created a calmer, more structured lunchtime atmosphere. Moreover, many schools have effectively used the funding to introduce healthy eating initiatives. Schools such as St. Giles C of E Primary School have invested in training for their staff to promote and model healthy eating habits during lunchtime. They also organised sports activities that educate students about the relationship between diet, health, and physical performance. School Health UK, our its focus on enhancing the health and well-being of children around lunchtime with our Better Lunchtimes and training, can provide valuable guidance and resources in this regard. Our comprehensive approach encompasses physical activity, emotional well-being, and nutrition, helping schools to create a holistic plan for improving lunchtime culture. A healthy, active lunchtime can have a positive ripple effect on students’ behaviour, academic performance, and overall well-being. By utilising Sports Premium funding in this way, schools can make a long-lasting impact that goes beyond physical education alone, fostering a healthier, happier generation. #SportsPremium #ActiveLunchtimes #HealthyEating #SchoolCaseStudies #HealthyHabits #PositiveChange #UKSchools


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