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YOU, LIKE US... are getting ready for the new term starting with new little sprogs arriving... One of the most complicated areas to get right for young pupils is often lunchtime... Where to sit? Where to queue? How to hold a tray? So, we've put together some TOP TIPS below that will tackle some of the most common issues! In addition, there's a checklist at the bottom which will help you address the lunchtime for the rest of school and can also be applied in addition to the below! GETTING LUNCHTIMES RIGHT FOR NEW STARTERS?

  1. Allocate their seats... per class, give pupils set tables and seats from the start so there is no confusion or delay as the weeks go on.

  2. Ensure pupils SIT ON ENTERING (NEVER EVER allow queues to start on entering the dining space, pupils will likely forget where they're sat by the time they reach the end of the queue!). Why schools think getting pupils to queue up straight away is more efficient is literally insanity. Keep them seated, chatting and being social, until there is enough room for ONE (MAX 2) table/s to queue!

  3. Do an "Invisible food run" ... this will change your life... Give pupils a "dry run" at break time... An "invisible tray" and allow them to go up to the serving area and collect their "invisible meal", so they can understand the process!

There are SO MANY other things you can do to reduce all anxieties and 'incidents' at lunch... so start right... download the below checklist to save you hours!

Download PDF • 1.72MB


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